Aural Healing For Lupus Relief

There is a  component to the human being, with the Etheric or Astral level of existence. This makes us believe that there is  “something” that surrounds us and makes up the universe. Thus this “space” may not necessarily be totally empty. Thus concluded that a  human being projects a field around himself or herself that is termed “aura”, and this resides in the Etheric or the Astral level of existence.


The aura surrounds our bodies and can be up to six feet or more from it. If you feel someone standing too close to you and invading into your “space”, it’s actually one’s aura overlapping upon your own. It’snot fixed in size but expands or contracts with mood swings, general mental condition, nervousness, health, and some other factors.

Some people may see colors in the aura. Others may not but can still see an outline around the person. The colors and outline can reflect the physical problems of the individual. Spikes around the head, for example, can indicate headaches.

Sometimes problems can be seen in the aura of the individual before they actually manifest in the physical reality of the person, giving us a chance to practice preventative techniques.

The Aura is a part of the 10 Bodies of Light Model, on which Yoga Numerology and Master Number Analysis are based, and it is the sum total of your nerve strength and bio-electric energy.  It plays a subtle but important role in your life, as the aura spontaneously affects and influences others who come within its reach.  Thus, a person with a clear and powerful aura will be very charming and magnetic and be able to mesmerize others with their simple presence.  In addition, the aura is like a shield against negative energies and which may wish to influence or harm you.

Aura can also accumulate negative thoughts and ideas, stresses, pains, etc. Sections of the aura can appear dark and discolored to some sense. This can cause physical illness or reinforce any negativity that we might already be having.

  • We can work to clean these auras
  • We can also use the aura to detect physical problems or stresses and help heal those problems and relieve stresses.